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This is said by all doctors who had appeared in the exam, passed it and even are practising in australia now.
If you are interested, please let me know. i would be able to provide you with the latest materials at the best price. 
Three kinds of packages available:

1-Extensive amc package(suitable if you have 3-4months in hand & ideal/best one) includes:
Recalls(subjectwise and as whole) upto NOVEMBER 2012,vmpf notes,racgp notes and exam mock,amc handbook plus annotated,Toronto notes(2012 edition), Kaplan series of clinical, Ethics book, Tjandra Surgery and other theory books (including John Murtagh 5th Edition)....

2- Crash package- (if you have less than 2months)
Recalls Upto NOVEMBER 2012,vmpf notes,racgp notes and exam mock,amc handbook and annotated, toronto notes(2012), ethics book

3- Essential package- ( must read before going for exam)
Recalls upto NOVEMBER 2012,VMPF notes, RACGP notes and exam mock,amc handbook and annotated.

4 - Dr. Wensel's notes and MCQs for the AMC CAT MCQ.
All the notes and materials which were discussed in the weekend classes of Dr.Wensel. The whole set is now available in .pdf format.

5 - Recalls for year 2013. (Available separately or with other packages)

Once we agree on which package you want, i would tell you how you can send me the money and i will send you, your exclusive link from where you can download the things.

I understand many doctors find it difficult to study from the computer directly. They find it more convenient to study from hard copy or printed materials.

With the ever increasing demand for printed materials, now I have introduced the option of printed copies directly mailed to your address as well. Cost of printing has been kept at just bare minimum(b/w -laser print and not photocopies).
(Postal charges extra.)

In some countries internet speed is not that good and thus materials can be sent in a dvd as well.
(postal charges extra) 

May god help all of you pass this exam.
Some among those...
1. VMPF 2012 Bridge course Materials (Hand notes and Recalls) 
2. RACGP 2012 Bridge course materials (Recalls and MCQs) 
3. AMCPrep Mock Exams 
4. AMC Recalls atleast 4-5 yrs but Recent ones including 2012.
5.AMC Handbook of MCQ latest edition
6.Anthology of Medical Conditions full 600+ pages book 
8. For reference...Murtagh medicine

Books for reference purpose 
2. Tjandra for Surgery 
3. Dewhurst For ObsGyn 
4. Royal College handbook for Pediatrics 
5. Oxford Handbook for Psychiatry 
6. Anthology and Good Medical Practice for Ethics

for any package or details- please email me at:

If anyone needs materials for IELTS exam, that is also available at very small price.

If you need any specific part of the above packages, you can ask for that also.

A few words as put in by few of my beloved students about the materials...

1- Hi doc,i got d books, thanx a lot!

will b in touch regarding skype class enrolment                                              .Dr.Hashmi..(Australia)
2- Thanks For your help and your advices Dr Jamal. I will follow your advices. ...
                                                                                                                    Dr.Gilles (France)
3- Thanks for all the material you provided. In future, if I need any help, I will ask for help, as you said earlier. Dr.Ajmal (Australia)
4- The materials are amazing and the whole transaction took less than 1hour to complete!Amazing!! Dr.Julian (Canada)
5- Thanks so much for being there doctor. You answered my queries too regarding the exam and preparations. Will recommend you to other people as well. 
Dr.Vicky (India)
6- God, It was my 3rd attempt at IELTS, thanks to your materials. I aced it this time!
7- You are a gem! Your blog is amazing and the materials just tailor made for the exam it seems. They are worth every penny doctor. I was robbed off last time by a crook, but with you i really am proud to make this decision of going for your materials. Thanks a lot once more Dr.jamal.
Dr.Sumit (India)

8- You are reliable, responsible and mostly helpful, no doubt about that.| 
                                                                                         Dr.Syed (Australia)

9- Thanx for all the stuff , ur support n cooperation,
regards -                                                                      Dr. SSG (Brisbane)

Thanks to all the doctors who have taken the packages and best of luck to them for the exam. For people who are interested to get them, please ask Dr.Jamal at
To prevent fraudsters, people are advised to download the materials within three days of receipt of links. The links can expire after that period. If someone fails to download the materials within that period, it would have to be bought once more and would be dealt as a fresh set altogether.


  1. hi dr.jamal,,

    how do i contact you to get the materials
    any kind help would be appreciated.


    i have emailed you in the above mentioned email adress.hope to hear from you soon.
    dr bid.

  3. Dear Dr Jamal,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support in my preparation for AMC 1 exam. The materials you sent to me were affordable, quick and extensive collection of recalls, relevant books and reading papers just adequate to prepare for this exam. Also, I can not thank you enough for your prompt email support while responding to my frequent queries. Your wonderful studying tips and recommendations with structured study plan particularly tailored to my need and timeframes was very helpful indeed.

    I continue to prepare for my exam and look forward to interacting with you in our informative and productive discussion sessions in the future.

    Thank you again and best wishes,

  4. Dear Dr. Jamal
    I would like to buy the materials for AMC part 2 the printed version and i am from Adelaide. Pls let me know how should i proceed.

  5. dear dr.jamal
    i would like to buy materials for amc mcqs , how do i proceed,kindly guide.

  6. Hello Dr. Jamal, i would like to sit for the AMC exam inshallah in Nov,2013.but i'm not sure which package will help me and how can i get it as i'm in Bangladesh.Hope u'll reply soon as i need it urgently.

    1. hlw..I am also from Bangladesh...I amp preparing for amc mcq..searching for partner...pls reply if interstd...



  8. hello dr.jamal....
    thanks a ton for your support....i am happy tat i bought the materials fromm was a quick transaction...thanks for all the advices as well....U R A GREAT HELP FOR WE STUDENTS.
    dr. sumita

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    2. Hello dr sumita..
      Can you give me your mail id.. i want to know something about amc preparation..
      My e mail id is

  9. I would like to recieve the big package to my email

  10. I would like an extensive passage ..i dropped an email to the provided email id.!

  11. I would like to purchase the extensive package and the 2013 recalls.

  12. Hey I would like to purchase the extensive package and the 2013 recalls and any recents recalls you might have, and also the ielts materials, could you please get back to me on you

  13. Hello Dr.Jamal
    I would like to purchase the extensive package and the 2013 recalls and any recent recalls you might have and also the ielts material,could you please get back to me
    Looking forward for your response as soon as possible.

  14. Hello Dr Jamal
    Please I need some materials for my exams. I sent you an email but you did not reply. Can you please reach me through this addy : Thanks so much. Awaiting your reply

    1. Please Dr Jamal do you still deliver materials for AMC 1? I have not heard from you. Please help.

    2. Please Dr Jamal do you still deliver materials for AMC 1? I have not heard from you. Please help.

  15. Hi Dr Jamal,

    I planning this year October to take my AMC part 1 exam. I would be highly obliged if you help me out. I am studying Murtagh and solving blue book AMC MCQ handbook. My email id is


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  17. Assalam o alaikum dr jamal i want to purchase an extensive amc package..kindly let me know about the price and mode of delivery. My email address is

  18. Assalam o alaikum dr jamal i want to purchase an extensive amc package..kindly let me know about the price and mode of delivery. My email address is

  19. Assalam walaikum Dr Jamal, this is Azhar, I need the extensive amc package. Please let me know the price . my mail I'd s azhar612@gmail.Com.

  20. hi Doctor,
    I would like to get crash mail address is thank you

  21. Assalam O alaikum doctor,
    I want extensive package..plz let me know how can I get it..and how much it will ID

  22. Dear Doc

    could u please send me more info about available packages and prices.

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    Can you send me the extensive package. Please let me know how to get it.

    Dr. mehdee hassan(

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